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Event driven API provisioning

Todays IT environments rely on highly specialized applications.  In the end processes are rarely covered by a single application. To orchestrate them in the context of your service consumers needs takes an excellence in event driven API provisioning. It takes a lot of experience to find the perfect simple solution for complex requirements. We offer more than a decade of experience to the processes of automatically creating, updating, or deleting APIs in response to events. So our customers can focus on building applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. To allow to improve the speed and efficiency of development, as well as ensure that APIs are always up-to-date and secure.

Integration architecture

Bringing individual applications together an a harmonized efficient architecture leverages their power. Orchestration of applications needs a solid IT Governance regarding guidelines, processes and  code quality. We help our customers to define the best matching IT Governance for their needs. Maintainability, performance and reliability are key requirements for a successful application integration. We believe that finding the most efficient integration patterns takes away the complexity of application integration. Loose coupling of services allows for a flexibility for upcoming use cases.

Solution architectures

We believe in solution architectures that solve the business requirements and leverage the existing IT infrastructure. Leveraging cloud native solutions for a fast ROI. In todays fast changing business worlds efficient and flexible solution architectures need to keep up with the demand. Our customers prove our solutions right when getting back to us for new challenges. We love to find the best solution.

What else we provide

Service architectures

We work with micro service solutions since more then a decade, when exchanging data with customers as they happen was what the business thought of. For us it was clear that the growing number of monolithic IT solutions will be a challenge when delivering fast changing processes are the demand. Service architectures are often the answer to deliver processes. Because what your service consumers need to do doesn’t end where your individual IT solutions stop. The technologies change with a high pace, thats why we adapt what supports your business and your architecture.


We believe that every IT architecture needs to follow a vision. This vision needs to guide the current and upcoming demand and stay flexible to adapt upcoming changes. We help our customers to take the right decisions when sharping their vision. Stay focused on current and upcoming requirements is what makes our customers successful when it comes to develop the right vision.

Requirement analysis

Excellence in IT architectures need solid requirements. We support our customers when they need a requirement analysis that will stand the implementation. That is why most of our customers ask us to support with requirement analysis, demand management and implementation. We believe in our requirement analysis to hold up to your integration and challenge every business need for more to come.

What our clients have to say

Amier Jordan is a very experienced Senior IT Architect who is productive after a very short introduction phase. His project tasks include the analysis and optimization of existing architectures, as well as the creation of architectures for new features, especially in the web and mobile environment. Amier Jordan knows very well how to find efficient and visually appealing solutions and how to accompany them profitably in the project environment up to implementation and acceptance. After a long search, we have finally found in Amier Jordan a software architect who has outstanding human and technical skills and is able to apply them effectively and efficiently in the project. He is very skilled at communicating his technical expertise to the targeted audiences. The cooperation with Amier Jordan leads to a significant acceleration of the project and increases the quality of the software to a decisive degree due to the excellent technical input. I would like to work with Amier Jordan again at any time after completion of the current project and can recommend his services without any constraints.

Michael Schwacke – Hays AG

I worked with Amier Jordan for almost four years on a web portal project that had an extremely complex system architecture and numerous stakeholders with different interests. In my role as Product Owner, during that time I have always experienced Amier Jordan as IT Archictect as a reliable partner who was able to represent the interests of our team even in critical negotiation situations. With his analytical nature, he has often given important impulses for the technical further development of our product.

Axel Griesinger – MERCEDES-BENZ AG

I can look back on three years of very good cooperation. A great support by his architectural skills and beyond that his willingness to work consistently and sustainably for a stable and future-oriented architecture.

Tim Hoffmann – Team Lead

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