Amier Jordan

Amier is an senior IT architect and business analyst. He worked as IT architect in projects for more than 20 years with over 50 different customers in various industries. The accounts range from SMB to enterprise level customers, as well as government agencies. His task is to analyze, concept and design enterprise architectures and to take the technical leadership in projects.

His excellent understanding of the customer’s needs together with the combination of his deep technical knowledge make him an ideal resource for any kind of architecture solution role. His key skills are in Web Applications, Portals, Micro service architectures, Cloud-based services, portals and enterprise application integration and requirement analysis. There he covered the design and implementation of complex IT solutions.

His key skills cover integration of services via APIs, Interfaces, cloud-based systems/services und web-based apps. There he covered the design and implementation of complex IT architectures services und integration frameworks. He is familiar with modern frameworks, development environments, container-orchestration, data exchange protocols/ storage and methods of agile software development.

He is working as an IT consultant since 1998. Amier holds a Master of Engineering degree from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.