Hays AG

Enterprise custom service application

Internal Hays Project. The enterprise application is the central web platform for management and recruitment.
Micro/cloud-based services using micro frontends, web apps, SPAs and backends are integrated into a web app framework. It provides the central data and information access to most business use cases.
The project includes the migration of the legacy system to a micro-service architecture and the integration of different backend systems (on-premise and cloud solutions) using JavaScript web app frameworks (Angular/React).
The main backends consist of SQL databases and Elasticsearch.
The solution is the strategic platform for event-driven applications for recruiters. Providing the right data in the right context is therefore business critical.
Continuous development, integration and agile deployment methods using container deployment.
The project uses Scrum methodologies with multicultural, cross-functional teams.

– Senior IT Architect
– Architecture vision, overall architecture, technology architecture, solution architecture.
– Coordination between business stakeholders, architects and IT teams
– Lead architecture definition
– Consulting on strategic tool sets, methods and best practices
– Integration of the existing application landscape (SAP, SQL, Angular, Elasticsearch)
– Requirements analysis, demand management and use case definitions.
– Data analytics (high dynamic data)
– Analysis and development of data models (SOAP, REST API)
– Development of application, integration and security concepts (service gateway, API, SAP, Java)
– Architecture and integration strategies of micro/cloud-based services
– Elasticsearch information analysis
– Design of mobile and data interfaces
– UX/UI design of applications for web and mobile users (Atomic, Material and Iconic Framework)
– Planning of application components and data model
– Agile software development according to SCRUM, Continuous Integration