Sumitomo AG Web Service Applications

10/13 – 05/14

Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze AG is a world-leading supplier of vehicle electronics.

Recruitment Solution: World Wide Web Service Applications. The customer provides his enterprise-recruiting platform via web services. An external recruitment management platform will be integrated into an existing platform.

Intranet Project: Global Intranet Portal. This project creates the platform for an international enterprise communication. It is considered to integrate collaboration, database applications and web services in a solution framework.

Both projects include the development of the basic server and Intranet architecture with a global role concept. The first phase provides the initial solution for further expansion of the portal and services. The service platform includes portal applications (J2EE), data gateways and content for all vacancies and the global workforce (Business to Employees, B2E).

  • IT Solution Architect
  • Analyses of the over all role / access model
  • Conception of data interfaces, data analytics (high dynamic data)
  • Analyses and developing of the service access methods
  • Developing the solution site framework integration
  • Requirement analysis / use case definitions
  • Developing of the over all application integration methods (J2EE Portlets)

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