Mercedes-Benz Web Services

08/2012 – 12/2019

A  world leading multinational automotive corporation.

Connected car.  This project is a customer information and communication portal solution covering worldwide and regional company use cases. Content sources and applications are to be integrated into a Web Services Framework.

With a single login, the web platform provides access to event-driven applications between vehicle, services and data and the customer via a central ID.
Micro/cloud-based services using Micro frontends, Progressive Web Apps, SPAs and backends are integrated into a web and native app framework. Establishing single sign-on services (based on OpenID Connect) as a OneID solution for the customer.

It further provides marketing and sales information for regional and international use cases.
The project includes the development of an architecture and the integration strategy of Micro Services, cloud-based services, and JavaScript single-page application frameworks (Angular / React).

The solution includes a worldwide rolled out and forms the strategic platform for event-driven applications between customers and vehicles of the enterprise. For a holistic user experience, a common context is provided via numerous (micro / cloud based) services.
Continuous development, integration, and deployment methods using container deployment.
The project is using Scrum methods with multicultural, cross-functional teams.

  • Senior IT Enterprise Architect
  • PoC to worldwide rollout and platform migration
  • Development of integration strategies micro / cloud-based services, event-driven applications
  • Modeling the target layer architecture
  • Development of the framework patterns
  • Analysis and development of data models
  • Requirements analysis, demand management and use case definitions
  • Planning of the application components
  • Analysis of the role and access model
  • Security and performance methods
  • Development of the application, integration and security concepts (Service gateway, PWA, SPA, Java, Adobe Experience Manager, Open ID Connect, OneID)
  • Agile software development via Scrum, DevOps, SecDevOps