Provision of API products for partners
The project includes the initial provision of internal services of business legacy systems via APIs. The implementation includes architecture scoping, solution design, API governance, API lifecycle management and API security.
The existing microservice architecture as well as the integration of various legacy backend systems (on-premise and AWS Cloud solutions) will be provided to API consumers via the API Gateway using OAuth2. The provision of basic APIs is extended through API Orchestration and API Subscription to cover internal and external use cases.
Develop smart apps based on event streams for API provisioning.
Transition of the development teams into a DevOps strategy.
The project will be delivered using SCRUM methodologies and cross-functional teams.

– Senior IT Architect
– Consultancy and modelling of API architecture and API solution design.
– API awareness for business stakeholders, enterprise architects and developers
– Consulting on strategic architecture and tool sets, methodology and best practices
– Design of APIs
– Architecture of service-oriented/cloud-based services
– Event-driven APIs
– Definition of API development guidelines & architecture/API governance
– API coaching of the development teams
– Conception of API security
– API orchestration and subscription
– Integration of IBM, AWS and Azure Cloud solutions
– Consulting on API monitoring & analytics, future monetisation
– Provision of LifeCycle Management
– API roles & rights access conception
– Agile software development using SCRUM, introduction of DevOps
– Documentation