German Armed Forces

04/07 – 08/07

German Armed Forces

Migration project: multiple Static content and CMS based Sites as well as web applications to be integrated into a Portal centric Web Content Management Environment

The task was to analyze and migrate over 300 existing websites and applications containing critical information into one J2EE portal based Website. The first task is to analyze all existing websites and their wide range of web technology representing almost the whole market range. This is followed by an over all integration concept. The final task is the integration of the new J2EE web portal.

For main parts of the integration this is the first migration phase to transform static Web Content into a Web Portal Framework.

  • IT Solution Architect role for WCM & Portal
  • Team lead of an analyst and developing team > 5 Members
  • Business Analyses over 300 Web sites and applications
  • Assessment report of the current status
  • Evaluation concept of the WCM
  • Development of all WCM Components
  • Developing of the Requirement Analysis / Use case definition
  • Developing of the over all WCM-Portal Integration Concept
  • Developing of the migration/integration concept
  • Developing the implementation strategy
  • Developing of the Information architecture
  • Leading the setup and configuration of the WCM
  • Preparing and controlling of the conversion process from static HTML to xHTML
  • Developing of the Multilingual strategy