Generali Web Services

07/11 – 08/11

Generali is part of the European insurance group Generali Assicurazioni S.p. A.

Migration project: Multilingual Public (Internet) Portal. This project is a public portal solution covering the whole company communication and interaction thru web services with potential customers. An existing Public Portal Site is to be migrated with services and content are to be integrated into a new Portal Framework.

The task includes analyzing the existing Internet information. Developing an overall Server architecture matching the new Extranet architecture for a context driven service solution. Crucial for the success is to deliver a solution that allows the expansion with more applications. The platform has to support the public visitors of the company. The solution will include Applications (J2EE) and Content for all customers (Business to Customer, B2C).

  • Working as an IT Solution Architect on the project
  • IT Server Staging strategy and concept
  • Analyses of the over all role / access model
  • Analyses and developing of the service access methods
  • Migration strategy
  • Developing of the Requirement Analysis / Use case definitions
  • Developing the multilingual concept
  • Developing the Solution Framework
  • Developing of the over all Application Integration Concept
  • Developing the Document Management Integration Concept
  • Technical team of > 10 developers